Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register for a Free Live Demo and How the Demo will be Provided ?

To register for demo please fill in the contact form.
Our support team will call you as soon as possible.

I have registered for the Free Live demo and i didn’t receive call what to do?

Please try to fill the contact form on contact us page or please send us a mail on

In which platform S.Tech System is working?

S.Tech System is a stand alone platform. It does not require any third party platform.

Explain about your software and its features ?

S.Tech System is a non-technical analysis software which mechanically generates the Buy Sell signals and helps to analyze the Indian share market as well as world market in a very professional way. This software indicates Buy/Sell Signal with Targets and stop loss.

Explain about your software and working and how the software will be installed?

S.Tech System is a non-technical analysis software which will generate automatic buy and sell signals with perfect target and stop loss. Once you purchase the software, our customer care executive will call you and take your PC\Laptop remote via Ammy admin software and install the system and also half an hour demo will be given on how to use the software and simple tricks and tips will also be provided.

How the S.Tech System demo is provided?

Yes we can show you a real time demo on the actual software and its workings for 10- 15 minutes via team viewer or ammy admin PC share.You can call us and book your appointment prior before 2 hours.

Can I get free Trial of the stockarcs trading system in my PC?

No, Sorry free trial is not available and its not feasible for
us to install the software in each and every PC.

Whether I can trading in MCX/NSE/NCDEX/FOREX & COMEX with the help of this single software?

Our universal system have been used for trading all markets and it is time tested to work in all types of markets. Best part is that you do not have to pay anything extra.

Will you re install the software if my PC is corrupted or formatted ?

Yes we will re install the software with free of cost and you can even change the software to another PC if you want to.

Does this software works on IOS & Android ?

This software only works for Windows Pc & Android. For IOS we are soon releasing a update.

Do we need to pay for any update coming in this software ?

NO !! We do not charge for any new update we release. Our aim is to get better day by day so that we can provide our clients the best trading tool.

Can this software be downloaded on both Windows Pc & Android at the same time ?

No !! This software gets activated based on unique identity code provided by the system and server. So you cannot install the software in multiple system.


Note:We do not provide any recommendation or tips for any specific Investment. | The software shown here is purely for educational purpose to study the market behaviour with stech system software.If you are trading based on these buy and sell signals then do it at your own risk. We take charges for our development fees for our own software and loading charges and after sales & support fees (including server fees). We provide free online demo of our software available to anyone interested. This allow all prospective buyers to evaluate the product at their leisure to ensure that the software meets their needs before purchasing.