Our team at S.Tech comprise of qualified professionals with vast Experience in Commodity & Stock trading, our Guidance is purely technical. We aim to provide Emotion free trading with high success rate. This system has been created specifically to promote guidance on trades and for those who want to trade purely on technical basis. Our mechanical trading system works if you follow it rigorously. Your trading will be consistent despite the inner emotion struggles that might come from a long string of losses or a large profit which every trader goes through. Our system is fully tested system and can be a key to success for our innumerable customers.


Our services are not restricted upto providing trade assistance, but also comprises of a complete system of trade follow up and full guidance on money management principles. Our endeavour is to generate trading gains constantly on a time long horizon.


Note:We do not provide any recommendation or tips for any specific Investment. | The software shown here is purely for educational purpose to study the market behaviour with stech system software.If you are trading based on these buy and sell signals then do it at your own risk. We take charges for our development fees for our own software and loading charges and after sales & support fees (including server fees). We provide free online demo of our software available to anyone interested. This allow all prospective buyers to evaluate the product at their leisure to ensure that the software meets their needs before purchasing.